October 29th, 2005


rollin rollin rollin...

Let's see. I've written 4,200 words of my proposal, and all of the 2000 word synopsis.

I also found a YA writer as a critique partner! (HI Ronnie!!) So I'm excited about that, becuase i think it will help to have someone look over things before i send them off. I'm also excited to read and critique some YA stuff, since I LOVE ya books.

So, things are good...I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes too high over this proposal, but i dont think its working. :-D

Well, the BLOB is on TV, and my hubby wants me to watch it with him. Our house is half empty becuase we're moving, so a mattress and a TV are in teh living room, and i"m sitting on a stool while I write this, becuase my chairs are gone already!!

Talk more later...