October 25th, 2005


Another opportunity.

Well,I'm going to put together a proposal for a YA book for an established line. Its for a packager.

My particular book will be about a country girl heading to Holland, becuase her newly re-married mother thinks she's not 'worldly'
enough, and her mom's hoping she'll come back newly sophisticated. (of course, her mom wouldn't speak those words outloud, but this girl is just CERTAIN that's why.) It'll be a YA, 45,000 words, but for the proposal I need to just write 6K-9K plus a detailed synopsis. And then I email it directly to the editor ( i think.)

So, looking forward to developing some fun characters, gettin into the high school mindset, and writing something really fun.

Wish me luck on that one. :-D

more info on the new book..

Ok, just emailed the editor on this book idea. I had to give her a quick summary of my idea via email, and if she greenlights it, I have to have the full proposal by November 15th, in order to be on track with a possible fall '07 pub date. Of course, the whole preceding sentence is quite presumptious,but I'm still quite hopeful...and checking my mail every two seconds to see if she greenlights it or not. Hopefully there isn't someone else out there already doing the country I want!!

Here is the quick blurb I jetted off to her:

Jayla Montgomery prides herself on being the All-American girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and cheerleading all fit her picture perfect life.

That is, until her mom marries a media mogul, and suddenly everything changes. As if that weren’t bad enough, her mother tells her that she’s not “worldly” enough, and wants to ship her only daughter overseas. At first, the idea of studying abroad is appealing. Jayla pictures herself eating dinner at the foot of the Eiffel tower, or riding a scooter past Big Ben in London. But does her mother send her somewhere cool like that?

No. She’s going to study at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Jayla’s not even sure that she’s pronouncing it right, let alone if she wants to study there. Heck, she didn’t even know that the Netherlands and Holland were the same country!

As Jayla gets to know new faces and a new city, she’s having a hard time holding onto her negative attitude. Holland isn’t as bad as she thought- especially not with a fellow American named Brian to keep her company.

So anyway, let me know what you guys think!! :-D