October 18th, 2005


I'm Almost famous

OK, today I stumbled upon this Live journal:


So, someone (who must be truly brilliant) started a Livejournal for the sole purpose of reviewing fictionpress writers & stories.

YAY!!!! This made me happy.... so I'm reading though..and what do I find, but a review on my own story! :)...here is what they said:

Story Title: The Broken Road

Author: Pandapotato

Summary: COMPLETE 1803 England. Lillian Paine, born as an aristocrat, disguises herself as a servant in order to escape her guardian. Logan, Earl of Harskbury has plans for her that only include seduction. Will he send her away when he finds out who she is?

Boring/Intense: 9 It's brilliant, completely captures your attention. I cried in one part, although that may have been just me.

Character Development: 9 Brilliant, I think her characterization was great. At the very least, her characters were consistent and didn't do random things at random intervals.

Overall Style: 9 Great stuff, this story. I'd recommend it to everyone.

Personal Comments: I loved this story. When I read the summary, I wasn't too sure about it but there's so much more to the summary than it lets on. The first twist, and I won't say what, was slightly cliche to me, but the way that the author has characterized Lillian, it's wonderful. It's amazingly brilliant, the plot twists are great and they come in many forms, which I won't divulge. The author has written them extremely well, the whole thing is riveting. It's a moderately popular story, so maybe some of you have read it. For anyone against them, there is a vaguely descriptive sex scene but nothing over the top.

I read the whole story in one afternoon, which made it really easy to get into the story, and I enjoyed it heaps. That's about it, but if you've got the time (or even if you don't), try it out.

So, that made my day... :-). Also, the first "cliched" twist...in the rewrites, that scene has changed a bit.
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