October 17th, 2005


Book packager, Writing

Ok, first of all, I didn't get the book packager thing, which is ok. :) But she did forward my sample, along with a bunch of others, to the packager, in case they wanted anyone for any future projects. Not really expecting anything to come of it, but its neat to feel that "IN" to the writing biz that I have a sample sitting somewhere with a book packager.

I think my characterzations are already getting better, just becuase I'm aware of my short-coming. OR maybe its the new one I'm working on, and the fact that 90% of the plot is based on the characters. I think that's what i need- a story line that depends on them being, well, THEM. So anyway, I'm on chapter 3, almsot 10K words into it, and I feel pretty good about it. I'm in that stage of the book-writing cycle where I go "I love this story..I wish it was done, becuase i swear, if i sent a sample, so-n-so would just LOVE IT, and they'd request a full...."

So, thats the good part of the writing cycle. The part in the middle, where I get writers block, is the part where I go "Oh, crap, this is total BS, Everyone is going to hate it..." ....Well that part sucks. HAHA.

Anywho, back to work. I need to actually WRITE and not talk about it. :)

Well, actually I did get 2 yucky reviews. One of them said that My heroine had no redeeming qualities and that she was pathetic. Another said it was OK, but too much of "the same thing" all the time, and that she didn't see it getting published. OOPs. OH well, atleast they're just FP people and not agents or anything.

I wish there was some good contests coming up. I really want to see how the first 3 chapters get received.



Sometimes people do things that surprise you.

I was in my mom's car today, and when I started it up, what was blasting out the speakers? Was it her usual Travis Tritt or Mindy Mcready?

Nope. Nickelback. The NEW Nickelback. And she says she loves the whole CD.

I was floored. I borrowed the CD, of course, so I could burn it, and then gave it back...but my god, my mom actually likes something cool!

It just reminds me of the fact that life creates the most interesting characters, much like authors do. Every character needs its own quirk, its own personlized trait, that they have and no one else has. For my mom, its Nickelback.

The point of this whole post is the realization that i MUST create characters that fascinate and surprise people. No one cares if you write a story about some dude winning the lottery. Not if they dont care about your character. No one will care about your story if they dont care about the characters.

'Nuff said.
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