October 11th, 2005


The best kind of rejection....

Ok, so I (finally) got my rejection from Nadia... Actually it didn't take that long, all things considered, because some agents take longer under the best of circumstances, and Nadia moved offices and everything.

Anyway, so yes, it was ultimately a rejection, but it was the nicest, best rejection ever. LOL. It was a two paragraph thing that her assistant typed, not a form letter at all... and this is what the second paragraph said:

Nadia did want me to let you know that we felt your writing was quite good. The story's characters just didn't seem fully enough developed, and the plot didn't seem strong enough to truly showcase your talent.

So anyway, thats my first personalized rejection ever, and finally I know that an agent sees the same weaknesses in my MS that I see. I need to really learn how to flesh out characters, becuase I pick a few main elements and thats it... i've been talking for awhile about how I feel that my story and characters seem 2 dimensional, or "flat." I just didn't know how to go about working on them.

So thus, I must study the art of characterzation, and work more on creating Character driven plots, rather then the same old same old action driven stuff that I write. Should be quite a challenge.

And, along that line, I think that I need to put aside Jetsetters and work on a MS with only two main characters. If I can't develop one or two, how can I develop four? (Plus the secondary characters?)

So anyway, I've started on a MS that will probably not be publishable, will probably not even be that great...but what it will be is character driven, with well rounded characters. AFTER I manage that,I'll pick up my other projects.

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My mom cracks me up....

I shared my "good rejection" with my mother, (I actually bragged about a rejection. ha.) And she said:
"Cool - Keep up your writing one day (very soon I hope) you will become famous and I can lounge around your pool"

I laughed out loud. Once again, people think all authors are rich and famous. Not to mention I live outside Seattle, and anyone who wastes their time & money on a pool is fruitloops. Every spring you have to drain it and refill it for the new "season"...July & August.

But anyway, thought it was funny.
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