October 8th, 2005


The Jetsetter's Social Club

I'm really enjoying my newest MS, the YA chick-lit "The Jetsetter's social Club." Its really fun to write, I have tons of plot twists, and it could very well become a series, If I so desired, becuase with 3 teenagers(and one very immature 21 year old) there are plenty of things to throw their way.

I'm trying to decide between doing a revolving first person point of view, (each charater has her own chapter, and each one would be called "Allie" or "Jayla"..etc. ) or a third person. I think first would have more voice and be more fun, but third is traditional, and I think I should get good at that first. Plus, the first person might come across as gimmicky.

Anywho, this blog is a tool to avoid actually writing. Funny how that works...so I better get back to Microsoft word and actually write. :)


PS- In unrelated news, I defrosted the top layer of our wedding cake and unceremoniously had a piece. It didn't taste like utter crap, either.
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