October 5th, 2005


When all else fails, start a new MS

Ok, well the idea that's been rolling around in my head for months is begging to be written, and since I feel that ILL MESS WIH TEXAS needs a breather, I think I'm going to write it. Its a YA, tenatively titled "The jet-setters social club", about 4 girls age 18-21 who land what they think will be their dream job: Personal Assistant to the stars.

The only catch is that they have to work as Temporary PA to whomever random semi-star they are assigned to, atleast twice, before the agency assigns them a full time position. The four girls meet during the 1 month required training session in the hollywood, area, and agree to keep contact, via phone calls & their group blog. Each chapter will rotate between the 4, telling each story concurrently.

It sounds like sooo much fun that I want to write it and see if it works. So I'm going to. :-D.

Still no word from Agent about my sample. Its been almost 48 hours. She said she'd get back "FAST"...but who knows what fast is, really.

In unrelated news, its very difficult to explain to your mother what a blog is and make it sound cool. How is a blog different then a diary that everyone reads? I dont know, but it is.

Anyway, gotta get going!!

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Did I friend you?

Ok I hope I didn't freak anyone out by Friending them, and they're just going "who the hell thinks they're my friend?"

If your on my friend list, its cus I read your blog, and think you're uber cool. So its a good thing...I swear.


If this entry doesn't push up the dork-factor, I dont know what does.

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    silly That face means Silly. :)