October 4th, 2005


The wait is killing me

So I emailed an agent with a 3 page sample. Its for a "package" thing she's doing.

Ok, so this is what that means: A book packager is someone who comes up with a grandiose idea...like a series. "The sisterhood of the traveling pants" and "Gossip girls" are both books that were put together by book packagers. They come up with an idea, and then they find a writer. Said agent posted on her LJ that she wanted to see samples because she was trying to hook up said writer.

She also said she would get back ASAP because she needed this very soon.

I sent her my sample yesterday around 4PM, 20 hours ago, and I'm freaking out. Is it good that she didn't immediately fire back with a "no way jose"? Because she would, wouldn't she? She must have read the sample immediately, or atleast at some point this morning. She's on the east coast, so its like 2PM there. If she got my sample and was like "wow this writer is wack, no way" she'd tell me then, right?ACK! I dont know. The worst part is I have her AIM screen name, and I could sooo IM her right now, but I wont, becuase that would make me look like a total loser. Seriously. She is so uber busy that no way would she want to be bugged. SO that leaves me here, biting my nails, and jumping out of my seat every time my email beeps.

Or is there so many good samples that she can't possibly choose? I guess my point here is that I dont expect to actually GET the opportunity...but the idea that I KNOW that she read my sample is exciting. If she fires back with an email that says "Sorry, we found the writer we were looking for, but on a side note, you do have talent for writing."

Then I'll be happy...maybe that's lame, but I'll be happy. So yeah. Before i make myself sound more desperate and loserish, I gotta get out of here. I need to print some of those books to mail to the Ebay buyers...its not for me, its for a hrose rescue. :-)

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