mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

Cover Story (and Project 17 covers..)

If anyone is curious about the evolution of the cover for Prada and Prejudice, I did a cover story with Melissa Walker Here

Now, on to another cover feature.... While out visiting Prada & Prejudice on release day, I saw the paperback cover for Project 17. I have to admit, I kind of crinkled my nose. The hardback cover is by far my favorite-- more creepy, and it captures the atmosphere of the book better.

What do you think? Hardback cover is on the left, the new paperback cover is on the right.



If you're wondering, its about a group of teens who sneak into an old asylum (the birthplace of the lobotamy) before it gets torn down. It's very creepy!

Tags: cover comparisons
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