mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

Best. Day. Ever.

Woohoo! I had SO much fun today it's not even funny.

The day started at 8:30, with me looking up all the B&N's in the area and squealing (literally) when I discovered the inventory status had changed to "In stock" at nearly all of them. Yes!!  I wrote directions down in my handy-dandy notebook.

Since I wrote a book called Prada & Prejudice,  I know you want to  know what kind of shoes I was wearing, so here's the big reveal-->

First stop: Federal Way B&N.  They had five copies sitting at the front counter (I had called them the day before) and I signed them. I didn't get the chance to freak out or take pictures, since I couldn't be all stealth and find them on the shelves.

Next stop: Tukwila B&N.

There, I gleefully discovered Prada & Prejudice on a table for new teen reads.  Six copies!! I may have pet the cover a few times. And took pictures. And grinned like a total buffoon.  I found an employee and then signed the stock, and he promised to sticker them.

Next, I headed up to Bellevue, to their branch near the Bellevue Square. I felt very small town when the parking lot gates confused me. Apparently you can only park for free with purchase. (I purchased a cookie for $1.89 instead of spending $5 on parking.) 

At this store, they had four copies in the new section and another under my name.  While I was signing, a man asked me to personalize a copy for his daughter. I should have probably acted less shocked. Oops.

Bellevue has wifi all over outdoors, so I stopped to snap a pic with my webcam at around 11:00, halfway through my drive-by-extravaganza.

Bellevue has another store about twenty minutes away, so headed that direction. This store ROCKED. When I walked into the teen section, there were four or five teen girls in the aisle, picking up books and talking about which ones they liked. (One had all three of Melissa Marr's out and was talking about them.)  After I signed all five copies and put stickers on them, I put them back. And when I took out my camera to take a picture, one of them stared at me. I said, "Sorry, I probably look psychotic. I"m just excited because I wrote one of these." They asked which one, I told them, and then embarassedly left the aisle and went over to the romance section.

While standing in the romance section I could hear them talk about my book. And one of them started reading the summary to the others, and it was SOOO hard not to slowly inch closer and closer to hear everything they said! But standing there listening to real teens read from my book was the highlight of the entire day for me. I held it together while in the store and then kinda-maybe-sorta burst into tears once in my truck. The cool part, though, is that one of the girls convinced her mom to buy the book.

At the last store, In Issaquah, I signed six more copies, and a woman saw me doing so, picked up a copy and read the back, and then purchased it.

After signing twenty-seven books in five Barnes & Nobles, I went to Red Robin for lunch.

After that, I donned my sunglasses, blasted some music, and headed home.

Now I am at home, watching TV, drinking a diet cherry coke, and wondering how I got so lucky.


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