mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

Two Weeks to go!

Wow. I'm down to two weeks. The days just keep flying by, and PRADA & PREJUDICE is getting closer and closer! FIFTEEN DAYS, people. How crazy is that?

So here are two things I plan to do to celebrate:

1) My Book Launch Party!! On June 19th, I'm throwing a launch party in Enumclaw, Wa, complete with shwag and cupcakes. I'm going to have my hair done that morning and then try not to freak out for the rest of the day.

2) Bookstore drive-by extravaganza. I'm going to spend Friday (the day after release day!) checking out Prada & Prejudice in the wild, signing stock and having a killer lunch. There may be champagne involved in lunch.  Maybe i'll buy an extra-special pen or a cute launch party outfit too. I can hardly believe I'm going to see my book in stores, so maybe I'll even faint. You never know. ;-)

Don't forget!! If YOU see Prada & Prejudice in stores and are the first to send me a picture, you win a prize! Details here. You can get a leg-up on the competiion by stopping by your local bookstore today and asking that they stock the book--and order an extra one for you.

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