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A look at Reviews....

Becuase PRADA & PREJUDICE is coming out in 47 (!!) days, my thoughts have turned to reviews. With luck, I'll be reviewed by Kirkus, School Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly... all the biggies.

Of course, I am equally worried about a horrible review AND being skipped all together. I think being skipped is worse.

Sometimes a particularly bad review makes me want to read the book.

For instance, this review is from Publisher's Weekly, for a book called SWOON that comes out in the next couple weeks.

If ever a YA novel were primed for late-night Cinemax adaptation, it's Malkin's (The Uncensored Confessions) latest. Protagonist Dice (who has visions) moves to Swoon, Conn., and, one day, while swinging on a tree, her cousin Pen awakens a restless, vengeful spirit, Sinclair Youngblood Powers. He initially inhabits Pen's body, but eventually gains a body of his own after Dice turns him into a gorgeous, living, breathing golem named Sin. Pre-golem, Sin turns Pen into the horny center of Swoon, and as a golem, Sin continues to wreak sexual havoc on the town—including deflowering Pen, a “Homecoming Orgy” (where a sexual assault occurs and is then mocked) and a spanking scene. While Malkin's prose has a jarring (yet pleasing) lilt to it—her chapters begin with short, vivid statements and Dice offers pithy observations about whatever is happening at the moment—her style is not enough to salvage what comes across as more a series of orgasms and innuendo than an actual story. This book makes Gossip Girl look like Sweet Valley High without the fun and irony. Ages 16–up. (May)

Sorry, but I read that (horrible) review, and I think-- Really? It makes GOSSIP GIRL look tame? And CINEMAX ADAPTATION?? Could it really push the envelope that far?

SWOON wasn't even on my radar, but I admit, now I want to read it.

So-- if you were the author of swoon, would you wish they hadn't reviewed you at all-- or would you take your review and see it as a badge of honor?

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