mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

Blood Coven Covers

So, I seem to be on a cover kick lately. It's fun talking covers! They're easily one of my favorite topics related to publishing. I don't even know what my second book will be yet, and I'm dying for a cover.

Mari Mancusi recently announced that her Blood Coven series (beginning with Boys that Bite) are going to be repackaged, and the fourth & final title will be added.

So let's compare!

Initial covers are on the left, new ones are on the right.


So, what do you guys think? Improvement? Originals better?

My opinion: I think the originals are maybe more "iconic" and memorable, but the new ones have a broader appeal. I consider myself a 'relucant" paranormal reader, and the new ones would interest me more than the original very goth looking ones for Stake That! And Girls that Growl.
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