mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

Widget for a prize?

Okay, peeps. Here's the deal. Prada has less then 100 days until release. To help create buzz, I've created widgets, which most of you probably know.

If you choose to host a widget, you get a prize, limited to 25 prizes (if I get more entrants, it'll be by virtue of a drawing.)

The Prizes:
Grand Prize: ARC of Prada & Prejudice
First Runner UP: A Stiletto Key Chain (2 available!)
Second Runner Up: A Prada & Prejudice custom lipgloss (5 available)
Third Runner up: Prada & Prejudice post card (17+ availalble).

The Rules:

You must post the widget somewhere prominent until Prada is in stores, which means you're committed to three months. A blog side bar, a myspace profile, a website, etc, all work. A blog POST that will be buried in your archives does not qualify.

You have to comment on this post and let me know where the widget can be found. You must include an email address so I can get a hold of you for the prize.

If you already host a widget-- no problem! Just comment and tell me where it is, and you're entered. :-)

The Widgets:

Below are the widgets.  By clicking "share" a new page will pop up, and within that page you will see a tiny box that says "embed code". Click on that to copy the code, and then go to your website and paste in the code.  Facebook users will have to click the facebook button.

FOR LJ USERS: GO HERE and copy the code. It should work in sidebars if you use THAT code. Thanks to ruthannereid  for creating it!

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