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Make a Friend Monday

I am instituting a new weekly blog event. (you know, like Teaser Tuesday, Five things Friday, Thankful Thursday...). I call it


The mission, should you choose to accept it? To meet new LJ friends. Anyone interested should post the link to one friend from your LJ. Preferably one that isn't 100% friends-only, so we can go meet the person through their blog entries and then choose to/not to friend that person.

So, today my shout-out goes to:




Saundra is the author of SHADOWED SUMMER, coming in February from Random House. She's also part screenwriter and part graphic designer, and she made me the icon I am using for this post. :-). I've also had the chance ot read her debut novel-- a creepy ghost story-slash-coming-of-age novel set in Louisiana, and it's wonderful!

So go check out her blog, and if you like what you see, friend her.

PS-- I expect some of you to give shout-outs to someone on your own list! :-)




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Dec. 15th, 2008 11:04 pm (UTC)
Dude, you are too sweet, thank you so much! :D
Dec. 16th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)
"Fall for it" -- I love that! Super cute icon. :)
Dec. 16th, 2008 01:44 am (UTC)
Cute idea and Saundra is a great debut choice. =))
Dec. 16th, 2008 03:45 am (UTC)
What a great idea!!
Dec. 16th, 2008 06:49 am (UTC)
Cool idea. =) And Saundra is a great choice; we're friends, too.
Dec. 17th, 2008 03:06 am (UTC)
Good idea! I'll try to give this a whirl.

( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
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