mandyhubbard (mandyhubbard) wrote,

My flaw

Those who know me well in person know that sometimes, I forget things. I may be one point shy of a genius IQ, but damn if i can remember where I put my purse. I wash my Ipod, I forget that i set up lunch with mindiscott and accidently blow her off, I lose my key card at work. My mom used to do this all the time-- she'd be driving us kids somewhere, and she'd blow right by the turn, and then when we pointed it out, she'd grin and say, "I was just testing you."

Today was the mother of all examples. I wore a pink jacket to work this morning. It warmed up, and i took it off. On the way out the door, I realized I'd done this three times in the last week, and thus ALL my jackets were in my cubicle. I went back and grabbed one, just in case I needed one in the morning. I jumped on the train, traveled thirty minutes, and walked out to my car.

And then I realized that I had no car keys--they were in the jacket I'd left behind. Unfortunately for me, there is no way to take the train back to work, get my keys, and take the train back again. They run only during a very short commute period (a two hour window), and there would be no train to take me back to my car.

D'oh! My brother had to come pick me up and drive me up to the city to get my keys. I had to have my friend pick up the daughter at the sitters.

 I HATE when I do things like this. It's such simple, petty stuff. I write published novels, for frick's sake. But I know at some point in the next week, I'm going to be walking aroudn the house, wondering where I put my keys.

Sigh. I'm starting to believe EInstein really COUDLN"T tie his own shoes.


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