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jpsorrow has a great post up today about query letters, in which he asks people to post those queries that worked for them, and he's linking them on his blog.

I dont have a lot of advice to say, other than my golden rule: Your query is meant to intrigue and entice, NOT explain the plot of your novel. You do NOT have to tell us every element, you do not have to explain each major character, how they are related, or why they are in the book. You ONLY have to get an agent to think, "Hmm. Now that sounds interesting!" If you have a huge cast of characters, focus on the one with the biggest hook. Reveal enough to tease the agent, and that's it.

So, here is the query letter that worked for me, back in 2006:

Dear [Insert Agent Name],
I am seeking representation for my YA novel, THE JETSETTER’S SOCIAL CLUB, complete at 60,000 words. It is geared towards the upper YA audience who may have enjoyed GOSSIP GIRL or THE A-LIST.

Sophisticated New Yorker Jayla Cohen, country bumpkin Samantha Montgomery, and Hollywood hottie Allie Bennet have just one thing in common: their new careers as personal assistants to the stars. But there’s a catch--none of them get to choose the celebrity who they must cater to for the next thirty days.

Jayla is horrified to discover her assignment is a “redneck” racecar driver. Samantha is totally freaked when she finds out she has to assist an A-list Movie star...who happens to be her biggest crush. Allie is downright pissed when she learns that she’s going to be stuck with a spoiled pop princess--she’d wanted a hot, rich, male rockstar!

I’ve been writing for several years now, and at twenty-three years old, I have a good grasp on authentic teen dialogue and voice. I write a quarterly column for SisterDivas, an online women’s magazine.

I look forward to hearing from you, and sharing some of my work. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Amanda Hubbard

Now, i want to say-- I do break one rule: I don't need to mention my age. Proof that you can succeed even if you break the supposed "rules", but that doesn't mean you should go out there with that mindset.


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