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 So, I was searching my email box for something and came across old emails, and that inspired a quick search of the emails I sent back in the days I was being rejected all over New York, starting in Novembe 2006 with a book called THE JETSETTERS SOCIAL CLUB. 

I thought it might be fun to show you little snippets of said emails. Maybe you'lll recognize the frustration I had back then and get a little inspired by the fact that there was, indeed, light at the end of the tunnel. As a disclaimer, I may sound whiny, spoiled, annoying, or all of the above. These were emails to a friend, not blogged, for obvious reasons! But now reading them makes me smile, becuase it paid off. 

So for those of you in this stage of the game, I hope you read this and realize we ALL FELT LIKE THIS at one time or another.

On Rejection:

GAH! Editors are SOOOO annoying. (Okay so,they're not annoying. It's just annoying when you think you have what you want and turns out you don't, and you want to blame someone for it.)

(This one was written by smeone me after a rejection)
So sorry for the R.  I hope she likes Jetsetters, but god, sometimes I think that they have a Magic 8 ball with reasons for
rejection and they just shake it every time they want to reject something and don't have a real idea  why

Sigh. Why is everyone rejecting us? SO not cool. Our books are good, dammit

I'm up to 5 out of 6 as Rejections. SIGH. It sucks, that's for sure

XYZ passed on Jsetters too. That means I got 100% rejections for round one. Lame i got another R . . and its really bothering me this morning. This is the first R in atleast 8 months that has bugged me. I'm not even sure why.  You wanna read P&P and let me know if it works for you? I'm losing confidence....

 I just dont get it. I dont. what else am I supposed to do? I put in the time, I revise a thousand times, and i think its a fun book. And they dont want it.

That's why the ABC rejection was hardest...I could tell she totally GOT mybook, and she really did enjoy it. It was like, I can do those revisions!! Buy me!! 

It's not fair!!  This would be so much easier, if it was like, "if you do x, y and z, you'll be published." Even if I knew x, y, and z took two years, it would feel like its constantly getting closer

I  guess I'm glad I didn't know how long this journey was going to take. Surely it will sell on the first round! Visions of Auctions and multiple offers danced in my head. And now its had 10 rejections, and 4 for P&P

And it makes me realize that yes, decent books do get you agents and submissions and sometimes they jsut dont sell. And maybe someday I'll be at a convention  or writing my "About the author" and sharing this very story! ha!

I guess in ten years if neither of us sell, we can always meet up at a basket weaver's conference

So, yeah, hopefully that is,in some warped way, inspiring and not discouraging. I made it through to the end-- and it was not easy--but it all paid off. You are not alone!

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